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Simple pages easy create website pages
Our new website builder is fully HTML5 compiant.
This ensures that your web pages display properly in all modern browsers
and enables us to add new features easily.
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There are many times when we would like to have a fast easy way to create a simple one page website with its own website address and with free hosting.

We all have different reasons, maybe you are selling your car, or you'd have hobby that you like to share. Maybe you want a quick one page website for your shop, cafe or other business. Perhaps for your c.v. There are hundreds of reasons.

Now, with SimplePage™ there is a quick, easy and free way to do just that. You choose your page name, select an appropriate category and niche then start typing up your copy. Of course you can add pictures and links to other other sites, change font sizes and colors to get just the look you want.

You can then add a header image, choose the background color, even add a background image if you like.

You then click on Create My Page and it is instantly created for you with free hosting and you have your own webpage address to give away or promote as much as you like.

With your free account, you have your own Control Panel where you can manage all your SimplePages from one screen. Easy and fast editing makes instantaneous changes to your website.

Your webpage is also completely search engine optimized.
You can enter your keyword selection and these will be used to enhance your webpage and give it massive advantage over other websites.

What if you want to expand your website?
You can now add additional pages to your SimplePage.
So you can build up a professional website with videos, maps, contact boxes, auto-responders and many other features pre-programmed for you. The menu system, color schemes and other aspects for your pages are all automated prepared for you but you have the control and flexibility to change whatever you want.

With a multipage website the SEO system starts using all full power as it creates keyword-rich back-links to your main page for you automatically.

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